'Rod skilfully guided the executive and trustees through a structured discussion that enabled us to distil our key priorities, risks and opportunities. Rod used critical analysis skills to ensure he quickly built the key knowledge he required to effectively facilitate our needs, working to an extremely demanding timescale.'
Lorraine McGrath, Chief Executive, Simon Community Scotland




A clear understanding of its strategic direction is vital for any organisation if it is to be successful. Without a coherent strategy, business decisions are made arbitrarily and the latest problem that arises is the primary focus of attention.


At Arniston Consulting we believe that strategies are best developed by the people who understand the organisation and its purpose. We will work with you to clarify strategic thinking and help to develop what you instinctively know and understand about your organisation into a clear strategy which can then be shared across all parts of the organisation.


This might involve input to board or executive team meetings or facilitation of a wider discussion in a workshop setting.

Business Planning


Many organisations prepare an initial business plan at start-up, or to secure funding for a specific project. Too often it is then consigned to a drawer and forgotten about. Life takes over.


A robust business plan should not just be a paper exercise to get us through a funding application. It should capture the core purpose of the organisation and provide a route map towards meeting a clear set of goals and objectives. A business plan should connect the different parts of the organisation and act as a reference point for accountability.


Without planning we often make do with the easiest option rather than the best one. Urgent decisions and tasks take precedence over those that are most important. Planning takes time but it helps us be more intentional about our actions and decisions and it can free us up to be more productive with the limited time and resources that we have.


Arniston Consulting can support you in the preparation of a business plan that will help to focus your activities, identify priorities and set out a clear path for reaching your goals. Or, if you already have a plan, we will work with you to review it, sharpen its focus and realign it with your objectives.

Risk Management


All organisations face risks. These come in many shapes and forms – market and competitor risks, changing government policy, environmental change, personnel risk, and so on.  Sometimes we just need to accept these as the reality of being in business. But in many cases there are steps that we can take to minimise the risks that we face as organisations.


We believe that careful consideration of business risk is an integral part of a robust planning process. Organisations must take account of the things or events that might stop them achieving their objectives and build appropriate steps into plans to deal with such eventualities.


We will work alongside your organisation’s decision makers to take a practical objective-focused approach to identifying and evaluating business risks before considering appropriate steps to reduce the likelihood and impact of occurrence.

Organisational Change


How can organisations adapt to a changing and increasingly competitive marketplace? How do they maintain focus in the face of growing cost pressures and increased demands on staff? How can you ensure that the structure of your organisation is aligned with your priorities and that staff remain committed and engaged in the face of uncertainty?


Adapting to changing circumstances and implementing the necessary adjustments is one of the biggest challenges facing organisations. At Arniston Consulting we will work alongside leaders and key staff to ensure that change is managed effectively without losing sight of core objectives.

Coaching & Mentoring


Even when organisations have a very clear understanding of where they want to get to, they might want to test their thought processes, motivations and ideas with an independent, external party. Or, perhaps they recognise the need for assistance in setting appropriate development goals and assessing progress in relation to these goals.


We would be delighted to discuss ways in which we might assist in shaping and sharpening your organisational or personal development goals. This might be through a one-off exercise or by way of a more regular coaching or mentoring relationship.

'We can tailor these services according to your needs and objectives.'

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